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There are numerous legal and corporate staffing agencies in the New York City Area. Yet legal secretaries and corporate clients continue to select Daybreak Staffing as their number one source for their temp needs. Click here to find out what makes us so unique.

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DayBreak Staffing is a 24 hour a day, full service staffing firm that provides highly skilled, creative & professional legal secretaries, word processors, paralegals, proofreaders, graphics operators, receptionists, administrative assistants and general office support personnel to New York’s legal, financial and corporate communities. Since January 2000, we have worked vigorously for our clients developing a reputation as the primary solution to their daily and project oriented temporary, temp to perm and permanent staffing needs.

We embrace quality and service. Whether you are an applicant seeking work or a client seeking our assistance and expertise, we look forward to showing you just how satisfying the DayBreak experience can be.

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