The DayBreak Business Spotlight: Cedar Point Financial Services

The DayBreak Blog, this week featuring: Cedar Point Financial Services. One of the many smart businesses that are providing great value to their customers.

Cedar Point Financial Services LLC works to preserve and leverage its clients’ businesses and wealth. They strive to be your “go to” team to help you identify your needs and goals and provide comprehensive guidance to make smart decisions about your financial future. Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs or those of your family or your business, Cedar Point Financial Services LLC can help you identify and focus on your priorities and tailor elegant solutions to complex financial issues.

Business Owners Save with Split-Funded Cash Balance Plans 

Business owners seeking to save $100,000 or more each year on a pre-tax basis are increasingly turning to split-funded cash balance plans to create a pool of future tax-free income. A Split-Funded Cash Balance Plan is a type of tax-deductible, qualified retirement plan that maximizes contributions while taking advantage of pension life insurance. 

The plan’s name comes from the ‘split’ in using plan contributions to purchase both cash value pension life insurance and other investments.  The ultimate goal of this pension life insurance strategy is to either have the participants life insurance trust purchase the policy to keep its income tax-free death benefit out of the participant’s estate or to have the participant purchase it him or herself to provide valuable tax-free retirement income.  In all, participants enjoy these advantages: 

  • Larger tax-deductible contributions than other qualified plans. 
  • Ability to purchase pension life insurance with tax-deductible premiums. 
  • Protection of retirement assets from creditors. 
  • Tax-free retirement income. 

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