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Anticipating the need for highly skilled, productive temporary staff among our legal and corporate clients has led us to the creation of DayBreak Hybrid Staffing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of the traditional work environment has fundamentally changed. As corporate America adjusts to our new normal, DayBreak Hybrid Staffing aims to reimagine and revolutionize the way you utilize temporary staff. In a world filled with uncertainty, one factor is coming into focus. Flexibility reigns supreme, and now more than ever, the American workforce will be looking for opportunities to work remotely, in the office (on-site) and even a combination of the two.

As an extremely proactive, cost effective way to handle support for busy departments, executives and attorneys, DayBreak Hybrid Staffing enables you to build a “pre-approved” group of temporaries to utilize for absences, vacation coverage, special projects and increased workloads.


Instead of waiting until a need arises for a high caliber temporary, many law firms and corporate clients are bringing our people in to train at their offices, either on site or virtually through a remote setup, on everything from telephone use & protocols to network document management software, firm macros and time entry. The training, done by your in-house person, generally runs from a half day to a full day; the training curriculum is up to you.

None. DayBreak Staffing absorbs the cost of training our people and pays them for their time. Since we pay the temps and don’t bill you for the training there is no financial commitment on the firms’ part and the results create a team of temps who are ahead of the training curve.

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to do so. You can meet them during training (on-site or virtually via Zoom or Microsoft Teams) to assess their professionalism, verbal skills and adherence to your dress code, as well as your overall comfort with them. It takes the guess work out of the process and produces a higher satisfaction with our temps vs. those brought in “cold” from other agencies.

This is entirely up to your organization’s requirements. If you require a temporary to be vaccinated for COVID-19, we will have employees at the ready.

Yes, it can. Smaller firms have brought in DayBreak’s people to “shadow” their top secretaries to learn things like a document manager, attorney time billing and any other “firm specific” information you deem necessary. Your person can get them up to speed and critique their professionalism, presentation and performance for you at the same time.

Any Time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever a need arises. Our customer service line at 212-557-6868 is manned 24/7 by a “live” person to assist in filling your spot right away. Whether you have an immediate need for someone to cover an absence, an unexpected need like a closing/project, or an anticipated need to cover an extended situation like a leave of absence, DayBreak is ready and at your service.

Allow us to meet with you briefly to discuss the program, your needs, (both anticipated and unexpected), and execution of the program going forward. We urge you to make a list of questions for us to address during our visit so you have complete confidence in our program.

Jonathan Sheppard, President & CEO (jsheppard@daybreakstaffing.com), Stephanie Messina, Client Services Manager (smessina@daybreakstaffing.com) and our internal customer service staff are at your disposal.

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