Candidate Services : Candidate FAQ’s

What kind of companies/firms do you work with?

Law firms make up the majority of our clients, however, we do have many clients in the financial services, non-profit, entertainment, and cultural arts industry.

What type of roles do you normally fill?

We fill various roles from clerical, reception, and administrative to professional management roles.

Does it cost anything to sign up with DayBreak Staffing?

There is NO COST to the applicant to register with DayBreak.

How often would I be called for an assignment?

We will call you for work when we have a need that meets your skills and availability, that could be weekly, monthly, long term assignments. All depends on our clients’ needs.

What if you offer me an assignment and I cannot take it?

We will try again! Flexibility is one of the beauties of temporary work, so as long as you remain communicative with us, we will continue to try and help you.

What if a company wants to hire me full time?

Great! You have our full support. Just please let us know ahead of time.

How often do I get paid?

Payday is weekly, on Wednesdays – you are paid for the PREVIOUS week’s work.

Do you offer benefits? What types?

We do! Depending on the number of hours you work, you have the ability to participate in our medical, dental and paid time off programs.