Hybrid Staffing: Candidate

When you temp for DayBreak, our goal is to give you as many options for work as possible.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of the traditional work environment has fundamentally changed. We are reimagining and revolutionizing the way our clients utilize temporary staff. In a world filled with uncertainty, one factor is coming into focus. Flexibility reigns supreme, and now more than ever, clients will be looking for employees to work remotely, in the office (on-site) and even a combination of the two. 

Welcome to DayBreak Hybrid Staffing. By becoming a part of our “preferred” team, candidates are introduced to clients prior to placement. As a Preferred Candidate we will speak with you about a particular client, their needs and job criteria, and your goals. We will discuss client specific testing and interviewing with you as well. We market our “DayBreak Hybrid Staffing” program as a value added service whereby clients can meet you. We also feel it is an opportunity for you to display your skills, professionalism and experience with our client to win them over, giving yourself a say in getting work.

Instead of waiting until a need arises for a high caliber temporary, many law firms and corporate clients are bringing our people in to train at their offices, either on site or virtually through a remote setup, on everything from telephone use & protocols to network document management software, firm macros and time entry. Once you are trained, you will be utilized on an “as-needed” basis. Clients’ needs range from ad-hoc shift coverage, weeks to months long employment, to longer term assignments.

Vaccination status will depend on each client’s requirements. We will communicate the requirements to you for any potential employment opportunities.

Click the link below to send us your resume and apply for DayBreak Hybrid Staffing. We will reach out to you to set up a phone call, a zoom call or an in-person meeting!

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Your future starts now.