20 Techniques To Improve Your Productivity

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It’s no secret that many people struggle with achieving the level of productivity that they strive for. Our attention span and focus is under constant attack as we battle distractions ranging from phone notifications, to tending to the needs of children while working from home. Even something as simple as street noise from outside our windows can throw the most well intentioned person off their game.

Although it may seem tough, there are actually plenty of proven techniques to improve your productivity. Many of these approaches can be implemented into your life today, and you could very well be on your way to seeing your productivity improve in the days and weeks ahead. See below for a list of 20 techniques to improve your productivity, courtesy of Business News Daily:

  • Identify the time that you are the most productive
  • Switch up the location
  • Make a simple to-do list
  • Keep your workspace clean & organized
  • Add some color and/or live plants to your workspace
  • Decorate your workspace with things that make you feel appreciated and motivated
  • Listen to music
  • Write down your daily goals
  • Don’t try to multitask, instead try to see each item through to completion
  • Regain control of your schedule
  • Cut down or take a break from social media
  • Eat healthy
  • Have lunch with your coworkers
  • Work on your most dreaded task first
  • Prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Turn off email notifications
  • Take short breaks
  • Move around
  • Follow the 2 minute rule; If a task will take 2 minutes or less, do it immediately
  • Practice patience and meditation

For more details and to read the full article from Business News Daily, click the link below!