3 Qualities to Identify a Leader in the Workplace

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Every successful organization can attribute that success to sound leadership. However, identifying the people who will lead your company and your employees to greener pastures isn’t always the easiest task. Putting the wrong people in a position to lead is a recipe for disaster and could set the organization back not only in terms of revenue and profits, but just as importantly, in workplace morale, employee happiness and job satisfaction.

Fortunately there are particular skills to be on the lookout for to identify a competent and strong leader. It isn’t a perfect science of course, but if you can recognize certain factors in someone’s character, it could help you discover the people in your organization who people will follow in the right direction.

According to INC.com, here are 3 qualities to identify a leader in the workplace:

  1. Leaders are selfless. They tend to put others needs and interests before their own. They are the people who are helping others grow by offering their time, knowledge and energy, and in turn, it makes them a better leader.
  2. Leaders are fantastic listeners. Let’s face it. We all love to talk. But listening is such an important quality to have in a leader and is usually pretty easy to identify. Leaders listen and ask follow up questions based on what another person is saying. They are engaged and the conversation isn’t about them.
  3. Leaders serve others. Leaders want to put others in the best position to be successful. They genuinely care about helping other people get better at what they do.

For more details and to read the full article from INC.com, click the link below!