4 Leadership Methods Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

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As we recognize the great Martin Luther King Jr., there’s no better time to look back on his principles and teachings and try to emulate some leadership qualities of the inspirational man. When looking back on quotes from the activist and political philosopher, it’s incredible how relevant and true the words of MLK still are today in 2024.

There are plenty of reasons to look to Martin Luther King Jr. for ways you can become a better leader. MLK’s vision and courage, his emphasis on character and values, advocacy for equality and inclusion and his powerful communication skills all make him an exceptional leader and someone we can continue to learn from all these years later.

According to INC.com, here are 4 leadership methods inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.:

  1. Express your dreams out in the open. MLK shared his dream with the world. When you share your dream, you create an environment of transparency along with a shared vision. This can inspire others to join your cause and work together toward building a better collective future.
  2. Lead by example. MLK was committed to nonviolent activism and his personal sacrifices showed the authenticity of his beliefs. This leading by example builds trust and motivates people to follow your lead.
  3. Create opportunities and eliminate barriers. MLK believed everyone deserved a seat at the table. When you open doors for everyone, you promote inclusivity and empower people to reach their full potential.
  4. Make a difference and inspire change. MLK wanted to inspire positive change in the community and in the world. This motivated, and continues to motivate others to do what they can to inspire positive change. By challenging the status quo, MLK created a sense of urgency and purpose for others to contribute to progress in society. MLK’s example shows that leaders can have a profound influence in creating a better future.

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