How to Navigate a Job Interview to Ensure a Great Fit for Both Parties

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Everyone is looking for a great fit. Whether you’re a company trying to fill a position or a job candidate interviewing for a new role, the one thing both parties usually have in common is that they both would prefer that it’s a match that has some staying power.

Although both sides have this common interest, the way the interview process unfolds usually doesn’t support this objective. Too much emphasis is placed on the skillset of the candidate and whether or not they can handle the expectations that the job entails. While it is obviously important to assess whether the person can do the job, most of this can be determined from a resume and their past relevant work experience.

The arguably more important factor, especially in terms of retention, is whether the company, candidate, and the role all line up as well. If these 3 factors are all aligned, it will be much more likely that both the company and the candidate are happy in a long term working relationship.

Here are a few ways to navigate a job interview to ensure a great fit for both parties:

  1. Focus on will over skill. Spend the interview time gauging whether or not the candidate will be happy and able to thrive in the position.
  2. Does the company culture align with the values of the candidate? The candidate should be assessing whether they have a good rapport with their potential new colleagues. What kind of work environment is it? Do the company’s goals and values align with my own? Will I be challenged and enjoy the work that I am asked to do?
  3. Be transparent and have an open, candid conversation about all the nuances of the job. Is it a loose, casual atmosphere or is it more strict and professional? Do people collaborate often or are people working in silos? Find out all the subtleties about the organization and how its people come together so you can be as informed as possible when deciding if it’s a great fit or not.

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