Key Leadership Lessons We Can Learn from Super Bowl Head Coach Andy Reid

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We can gain inspiration on how to be a better leader from individuals in all walks of life, not just the corporate world. This past Sunday, many of us celebrated the annual tradition of watching the Super Bowl and not only were we treated with a thrilling game, but we also got to witness one of the great leaders in sports reach the pinnacle of his sport for the 3rd time in the past five years.

Sometimes in looking for ways to become a better leader, we need to think outside the box. Looking to leaders in other industries and professions allows us to step outside of our bubbles and look at things from a new perspective. Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid is a great example of an individual that provides lessons in leadership that we can all use in our professional lives.

According to, here are some key leadership lessons we can learn from Super Bowl Head Coach Andy Reid:

  1. “He brings out the best in me because he lets me be me.” This quote is attributed to quarterback Patrick Mahomes and is a great lesson in leadership. The best leaders bring out the best in their people. They don’t force them to fit a certain system, they allow them to be themselves and flourish.
  2. Stay even-keeled. No matter how much pressure the moment presents, Coach Reid remains calm and in control. He trusts all his hard work and doesn’t let emotions lead him astray.
  3. Always be prepared. This is one of the most talked about leadership qualities of Andy Reid. The Chiefs coach is meticulous in his preparation so that when the uncommon events arise, he has already envisioned them and how he will react.
  4. Forgive mistakes. No one is perfect, not even media darling and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce. During a moment of clear frustration in the Super Bowl, Kelce was caught on camera yelling at his coach and bumping him, almost knocking him off his feet. While social media seethed at Travis for his mistake in letting his emotions get out of control. Coach Reid forgave him quickly, and Travis was able to make an impactful contribution in the late stages of the game to secure the win.
  5. Instill confidence in your team. Coach Reid takes risks and trusts in his team. He tells them up front his plan and how much he believes in each member of the team. He doesn’t waver or let failures deter him. Failures happen in life, no matter what your profession. It’s important to remain confident in yourself and your team.
  6. Never give up. Coach Reid’s coaching career wasn’t always the fairy tale we know today. For many years Reid came close to winning his sports’ ultimate prize, only to fall short time and time again. He even was beginning to be known as having a reputation as a “loser”, someone who just couldn’t win when it mattered most. A lot of people would give up in this situation. He kept his head down and kept working hard, and it led him to be the champion he is today.

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