What Generation Prefers to Work from Home the Most? The Answer May Not Be What You Expected.

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While each individual has their own opinions and reasons for preferring one work model over another, there are overarching trends amongst the generations when it comes to working from home versus returning to the office. Many would assume that the younger generations with their technological savviness would be the ones who would prefer a work from home arrangement as opposed to being in the office. But a recent survey paints a picture that may surprise you.

It is in fact, the Baby Boomer Generation, that would prefer to work from home or remotely more than any other generation. Reasons included saving time and money from the commute, as well as avoiding distractions at the office. Another takeaway from the survey is the fact that over three quarters of workers said that they could do their current job in 4 days as opposed to the traditional 5 day workweek.

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