Why Breaking Free From Routines and Embracing the Power of Practices Can Lead to Success

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The consistency embedded in routines is a key element to success. Breaking down goals into daily tasks and consistently executing them is a hallmark of achievement. But what happens when inevitably, some outside variable comes into play that completely throws off our routine? Do we adapt or does our routine completely fall apart?

So how do we prevent an unanticipated event from throwing us off our routine? The best strategy is to transform the routine into a practice. What this really means is to shift your perspective and to think about the “why” behind your routine. Think about the goal that is the reason why you have your routine in the first place. Then you’ll be able to see that there are many routes and actions you can take to adapt and still achieve this goal when something goes awry.

Say you have a routine where you lift weights everyday. A shoulder injury can easily derail your weight lifting routine. But what if you thought about the “why” behind this routine? What if you looked at it as a practice of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle? Now you can see that there are other ways to continue on this practice. Despite a shoulder injury, you can still eat well, ride a bicycle or go on walks to continue your practice of living a healthy lifestyle.

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